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Metal Cooking Instructor's Band THE ANCHOR Is Pretty Good!

Linzey Rae does a great job.

You might know Linzey Rae from her metal cooking instructionals, but have you heard her band The Anchor? It's pretty solid post-hardcore stuff, and the band's new album A World Ahead just dropped last month. Check it out! Here's what Rae had to say about the above track.

"I lost my mom to drug addiction. One of the most difficult lessons in life is realizing that you can't always change or save someone. The hardest part is letting go and saying goodbye. This song is a testament to forgiving through pain, remembering the best in people, and letting go of resentment. We can only be free when we find forgiveness for those who have hurt us most."

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Though it shouldn't be too much of a surprise, given Rae's shown ability as a frontwoman in her instructional videos.

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