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Symphonic Bleed

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MESHUGGAH's "Bleed" As A Symphonic Metal Song Sounds Massive

Misstiq might be a genius for this one.

Producer Misstiq is taking a shot at reimagining Meshuggah's classic track "Bleed," though not in the usual meme-based sort of way. Instead, Misstiq thoughout out how to surround the song's iconic riff with orchestrations and synths for a final product that re-contextualizes the whole thing… and kicks a very serious amount of ass. It's a cool lesson on looking at music from different perspectives, as Misstiq points out in her description!

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"Let's hear 'Bleed' by Meshuggah from another perspective!" said Misstiq in the video description. "This is super fun and interesting to do. Hope this opens your musical minds as well as inspires those who produce music ❤️ The main purpose of these videos is to show y'all how added layering can ?? TRANSFORM ?? a song. This doesn't mean making it 'better', but simply giving it another musical perspective."

Check out Misstiq's channel here.

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