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Members Of XOTH & LOWLIFE Team Up For Double MERCYFUL FATE Cover

Why cover one Mercyful Fate cover when you can cover two? That's how bassist Freiburger (deathCAVE, Brain Scraper, Throne of Bone), guitarists Alex Sibbald (The Accüsed, The Accüsed AD, Toe Tag) and Tyler Sturgill (Xoth), and vocalist Brad Mowen (The Accüsed, Burning Witch, Cryptic Slaughter/Lowlife) feel, and they're right!

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The quartet took on both "Come To The Sabbath" and "Black Funeral" in the above double feature, alongside a pretty great music video. Here's what a very stoked Freiburger had to say.

"Mercyful Fate has always been one of my absolute favorite bands and as soon as myself and Brad finished our Iron Maiden cover, he brought up the idea of doing Mercyful Fate which is an absolute dream for me! The hardest part was choosing a song! After a while, we decided to do one off of Don't Break The Oath and one of Melissa finally settling on ‘Come To The Sabbath' and 'Black Funeral' or, quite simply, 'Black/Sabbath.'

"We also ended up using the same band lineup as the [previously released] Iron Maiden [couch cover of 'Phantom Of The Opera'] with the exception of Alex Sibbald from The Accüsed in place of Sam Bovington. I chose him because I know personally how big of a Mercyful Fate fan he is because every time we’d see each other, either Mercyful Fate or King Diamond would come up in conversation! I’m really excited with how the video turned out. Thanks for watching!"

The cover is part of Satanik Royalty Records Couch Cover video series, which you can see more of here.

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