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MAYHEM Unleashes Total Pandaemonium On New Song "Worthless Abominations Destroyed"

No frills. Just black metal.

Mayhem will release their new album Daemon on October 25 and are finally giving fans a taste of what to expect with their new song "Worthless Abomination Destroyed". The song is pure, unchecked black metal for the masses with absolutely terrifying vocals by Attila Csihar overtop.

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Here's what Mayhem guitarist Teloch had to say.

"After teasing you guys for over 6 months, it's finally time to show you what we have been up to in the studio this summer. Here's 'Worthless Abominations Destroyed," a track that was made with the intention to have this 'all is lost and hopeless' feeling."

Daemon is available in a variety of pre-order options here.

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