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Märvel-Group-Full-1-WEB Photo credits Annett Reimer Manhem
Photo by Reimer Manhem

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MÄRVEL Rocks Hard In New Single "Hot Nite In Dallas"

Originally written by Moon Martin.

Swedish rock unit Märvel is celebrating 20 years as a band this year. The celebration includes a brand new album Graces Came With Malice, and an adventurous music video for their cover of Moon Martin's 1978 single "Hot Nite In Dallas."

"In this video, we wanted to capture some of the decadence referenced in the song, and what better way to do that than spending a hot night in Gothenburg?" said the band. "The King spends another shift behind the wheel and meets some of the local heroes of this lovely city, or does he…? The song itself is a cover written by Moon Martin. A damn good track that we really wanted to Märvel-lize. Who doesn’t love a man who tries to include a reference to the Moon in all his songs?"

Märvel released their new record Graces Came With Malice last month, which is available here.

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