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MAKES MY BLOOD DANCE Drops Catchy New Track "Power of the Lightside"

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MAKES MY BLOOD DANCE Drops Catchy New Track "Power of the Lightside"

With some really interesting guitar harmonies.

Makes My Blood Dance is one of those bands whose name gives you a good idea what they sound like – violent, but extremely catchy. Makes My Blood Dance just dropped their new track "Power of the Lightside," whose intro alone should entice any fan of heavy harmonized riffs. Then of course once the hook comes around, you're basically forced into staying.

Here's what Makes My Blood Dance vocalist Evan Russell Saffer had to say about the track.

"We portrayed the cast looking very downtrodden and beat up by life. Then we showed them in a period of transformation, of right effort and of becoming the best and brightest versions of themselves. Personally, without these moments of "right effort" the mind will take over, the self talk and self obsessive thinking can lead to a very dark place and the weight of the world will choke me to death. I've been there and come back to tell the tale but I still live on the edge daily, some good and some with painful lessons. It's still a struggle but there are tools and teachers available if you want them. The music is my vehicle and I hope what Makes My Blood Dance is putting out there helps someone else who might need it."

Keep up with Makes My Blood Dance via their website here, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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