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Jake Sommers

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LUKE COMBS' Drummer Hears A GOJIRA Song Once, Makes Up A New Drum Part

He kills it, too.

Luke Combs drummer Jake Sommers spends quite a bit of time playing country music to the masses… and when he's not, Drumeo is trying to stump him with metal. After hearing a few songs he already knows, Sommers eventually realizes that he's never heard Gojira or their track "Stranded". So he gets a drumless version of it, takes some notes, and proceeds to kill it.

"Take a sneak peek into the mind of Jake Sommers! Watch as he listens to 'Stranded' by Gojira for the very first time and attempts to play along," wrote Drumeo of the video. "What is he listening for? How does he immediately craft an appropriate drum part? Tune in and find out!"

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