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LIGHTNING RULES' New Song "Loud" Lives Up To Its Name, Brings The Retro Riffs

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LIGHTNING RULES' New Song "Loud" Lives Up To Its Name, Brings The Retro Riffs

They put about 150 hours into the music video, and it looks awesome!

If you're in the mood for some killer retro riffs and soaring vocals in the vein of bands like Mutoid Man and The Atomic Bitchwax, then we've got a premiere for you! Lightning Rules' new song "Loud" not only lives up to its name and the aforementioned comparisons, but will absolutely get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The song has an almost early Motley Crue stomp to it, though with a very skate punk swagger about the whole thing.

Here's what Lightning Rules had to say about the song.

"The video was all DIY…All told we put about 150 hours into it. The song itself is about speaking your mind and not letting yourself be diminished or censored or afraid of ridicule.  And the filming of the video forced us to live that out; as it was definitely awkward to pull this thing in the middle of downtown on a friday night…it's an encouragement to speak up and express yourself fully, be that politically, interpersonally or artistically. It's a favorite tool of authoritarians to try and limit speech/language, and we always have to fight against that.  All the protests and movements in the past year are a great example of that; people taking risks for what they believe in."

Lightning Rules will release Fossil Fuels on March 9, and you can pre-order that here. Fossil Fuels was produced by drummer Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio, and the album's artwork was done by Michael Cobra. Oh, and don't forget to catch the band on their coming tour!

Feb 1: Grants Pass, OR @ The Sound Lounge
Feb 2: San Francisco, CA @ TBD
Feb 3: Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington
Feb 4: San Diego, CA @ Bancroft
Feb 5: Fresno, CA @ Strummers
Feb 6: Las Vegas, NV @ The Griffin
Feb 7: Reno, NV @ JubJubs
Feb 8: Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club
Feb 9: Eugene, OR @ Lucky's
Feb 10: Seattle, WA @ Victory Lounge
Feb 11: Olympia, WA @ La Voyeur

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