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Killswitch Engage – Heavy Montreal 2019
Photo by Chris Bubinas

Live Footage

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Drop New Video "Vide Infra"

The clip is from their Vaccinated And Intoxicated livestream event.

Metalcore titans Killswitch Engage just dropped a live video for "Vide Infra" online, shot as part of the band's 2021 "Vaccinated And Intoxicated" livestream event from The Palladium in Worcester, MA. They performed in entirety the band's 2000 self-titled debut album, plus their most recent release, Atonement. You can watch the video above.

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On June 3, Metal Blade will release the full performance which will be available on all mediums and across all platforms. Vocalist Jesse Leach said about the track, “This song has stood the test of time for me, sonically and lyrically. Sonically, it shows our hardcore roots and the blend of metal. Lyrically, it has words I still stand by and hold close to my beliefs. It’s one of my favorites from our early material!”

Recently, Leach also spoke about the early days of metalcore in an interview with Metal Hammer. "I was only half paying attention to the scene because after I left Killswitch, I got more into doom and stoner rock, but these younger bands felt derivative to me. The good ones found their sound over time, but there was an over-saturation of bands who were churning out this big riff, heavy verse, melodic chorus thing. It felt tired, like labels were looking for those bands because they sounded like a band who were becoming successful."

Ouch! Tough news to swallow, but one thing is for sure, Killswitch Engage have definitely rode the New Wave of American Heavy Metal for all it’s worth and then some. There were bound to be a few copycats, along the way, some probably not so bad in retrospect.

As for shows, the only thing lined up as of now for Killswitch is a spot at Aftershock on October 6 in Sacramento, CA. You can purchase tickets here, and for more news from Killswitch Engage, head over to their website.

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