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Kids Covering SLIPKNOT's "Psychosocial" Includes Keg Percussion & Moshing

Even a little moshing too!

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is back with yet another fantastic cover. The foundation has just dropped their cover of Slipknot's highly-memeable "Psychosocial", which of course features keg percussion and even a little moshing!

The lineup for the cover is as follows:

Vocals: Kaden Karns (age 17)
Lead guitar: Hunter Hallberg (age 14)
Rhythm Guitar: Aiden Combs (age 17)
Bass: Jackson Toma (age 15)
Drums: Nate Tharp (age 14)
Baseball Bat & Beer Keg: Taylor Campbell (age 8)
Baseball Bat & Beer Keg: Madelyn Ahlers (age 9)

Here are some other videos O'Keefe Music Foundation produced in recent years:

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