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John 5
Photo by Tyrel Snowden

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JOHN 5 Haunts A Kid Into Playing Guitar On New Song "Land Of The Misfit Toys"

Not the worst outcome of being haunted.

John 5 is now streaming the Chantal Savage-directed music video for the single "Land Of The Misfit Toys," which is all about haunting a child into becoming John 5. Which I guess really isn't the worst outcome for being haunted, right?

"'Land Of The Misfit Toys' is my favorite track on the record. It's a real epic and the longest track on the new album. I was watching a documentary on David Foster and how he would produce, arrange and build songs which really influenced me on the arrangement and production of this track.

"The camera that was used to film the video for 'Land Of The Misfit Toys' was the same camera that was used to film the new Matrix movie that is coming out in December, which is pretty cool. The video tells the story of the 10 year old John Lowery (played by my producer's son), who stumbles into this haunted house and becomes possessed by an entity that causes him to start playing guitar and wearing the makeup. At the end of the video, he fully becomes John 5. Everybody knows that I'm a big fan of horror so this was a really fun video to make alongside director Chantal Savage."

John 5 recently released his new solo album Sinner. Grab a copy here.

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Music Videos

John 5 knows his way around a guitar.