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JAMES HETFIELD Really Needs To Do An Acoustic Album

Their cover of Thin Lizzy's "Borderline" makes it pretty clear.

Metallica is now streaming their acoustic cover of Thin Lizzy's "Borderline" performed for the first time ever during the All Within My Hands Concert & Auction shows. It's a great cover performed very well by the band, but more importantly reinforces the fact that James Hetfield really needs to do an acoustic album.

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Hetfield has it all when it comes to going potentially solo – the voice, the playing ability, and he's certainly got that outlaw country look going for him as well. And given the fact that Kirk Hammett recently went and did a solo thing, maybe it's time for Hetfield to do the same?

It's also not surprising that Hetfield can hold his own with an acoustic, given the below performances.

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