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Is Black Metal Just Surf Rock With Distortion?

Kevin Balke says yes, and he's got the Emperor riffs to prove it.

YouTuber Kevin Balke is here to show you all that maybe black metal is really just surf rock without distortion. Of course the genres are much deeper than that, and this is just a surface level joke, but y'know – it's still a lot of fun to draw the comparison.

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Watch as Balke rips through Emperor's "I Am The Black Wizards," Dissection's "Night's Blood," Darkthrone's "Transilvanian Hunger" and a handful of others! The full rutnime includes:

  1. Emperor – "I Am The Black Wizards" 0:02
  2. Burzum – "Jeg Faller" 0:57
  3. Mayhem – "Freezing Moon" 1:34
  4. Dissection – "Night's Blood" 1:48
  5. Darkthrone – "Transilvanian Hunger" 2:40
  6. Satyricon – "Mother North" 3:03
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