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IRON SAVIOR "Burning Heart" music video

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IRON SAVIOR "Burning Heart" music video

Masters of Teutonic power metal, Iron Savior, are preparing to release their eighth studio album, Rise of the Hero. But, before the band unloads their latest effort, they're giving fans a chance to hear a track off the album called "Burning Heart" via a goofy music video the band members cobbled together. 

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"Burning Heart" sounds like what anyone familiar with Iron Savior's music would expect – a hard charging power metal anthem that's as melodic as it is heavy. Iron Savior aren't the most original power metal band out there, but they've been refining their sound for almost 15 years now, and what they lack in originality they make up for in quality and catchiness. Below you will find a complete track listing for Rise of the Hero and the video the band put together. It's nothing fancy but it's better than those stupid lyric videos record labels constantly churn out these days. Rise of the Hero will be released on February 28th via AFM Records.

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