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Power Metal & Black Metal Are Spotify's 2017 Most Emerging Genres

Or "Chaotic Black Metal" and "Melodic Power Metal," as Spotify calls them.

Or "Chaotic Black Metal" and "Melodic Power Metal," as Spotify calls them.

It's the end of the year and people are posting year-end lists and their most listened to music. This year the charts "Your 2017 Wrapped" are making the rounds, which looks at your Spotify data and tells you what you've listened to the most throughout 2017. Spotify has also compiled its own data for what people were listening to in 2017, and a lot of the charts aren't really that surprising. Ed Sheeran is really popular, people listen the fuck out of Coldplay, and so on.

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Then there's the chart "Emerging 2017 Genres." That one in particular says 2017's biggest emerging genres were "Melodic Power Metal" and "Chaotic Black Metal." Purveyors of the list Brooklyn Vegan don't say exactly how Spotify is calculating what's "emerging," though it's still pretty cool to see people are progressively getting into heavier genres.

I also have no idea what the other eight genres even entail.

  1. Melodic Power Metal
  2. Chaotic Black Metal
  3. Chillhop
  4. Trap Latino
  5. Future Funk
  6. Jumpstyle
  7. Serialism
  8. Cinematic Dubstep
  9. Vintage Swoon
  10. Gamecore

So hey, maybe 2018 is the year black metal strikes it huge and gets played on the radio. One can dream, right? Power metal seems at least a little more feasible.

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