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IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON Flips Out On A Fan Who Lit A Flare Mid-Show

Dickinson had a few colorful names for the fan.

Apparently today is "frontmen getting angry at fans for doing shitty things" day. First it was Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder ejecting a fan for punching someone who was filming the show, and now it's Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson losing his mind on a fan in Greece for lighting a flare mid-show. Dickinson had a few words for the fan, including calling them a few very colorful names.

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"The cunt with the fucking flare," said Dickinson. "I'm trying to sing up here. You fucking cocksucker. You Greek cunt. I've gotta fucking sing. All right. Fuck you." And aside from the distraction to Dickinson, isn't lighting a flare inside with a ton of people extremely unsafe? I mean, it's not "light a bonfire during a Slipknot show" unsafe, but still.

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