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Insomnium 2023

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INSOMNIUM Streams GOJIRA & OPETH-Influenced New Single "Stained In Red"

It's a heavy one.

Insomnium just released their new EP Songs Of The Dusk, and is now streaming the final single and music video for the crushing track "Stained In Red". The video was created by The Dor Brothers and the music itself is influenced by two bands we all know and love.

"'Stained in Red' was written during the pandemic as an antidote to lighter, acoustic-orientated stuff we were coming up with. After the more mellow Argent Moon – EP, I wanted to write something more aggressive and heavier," said Insomnium guitarist Ville Friman. "Some influences from Opeth and Gojira can possibly be heard on this one, as these bands were on heavy rotation on my playlist at that time."

Songs Of The Dusk was originally part of the deluxe version of Anno 1696, but is now available separately. Get Songs Of The Dusk here.

"As the album would have been too long, we left these three tracks out on the initial version, yet they are part of the Anno 1696 story and complement it and some of the gaps are being filled," said Insomnium of the now-standalone EP. "Songs Of The Dusk offers an alternative ending, so people can decide which kind of mood they prefer. This version is a bit more hopeful and less tragic, at least on a general Insomnium scale – everyone is dead…except the wolves."

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