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ICE-T Talks Favorite Metal Bands, Authenticity, Music Business and Black Lives Matter – The Metal Injection Interview

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After a bit of teasing with Ice-T's awesome anecdote about Bill Paxton crowd surfing at a Body Count show and Ice-T playing "Eat A Bowl of D**ks or Cool With Me", we present our entire twenty-minute interview with Ice-T. We cover a lot of topics with Ice, including Body Count's excellent new album, Bloodlust, and how he got all those awesome collaborators on the album. We talk about the "No Lives Matter" track and how people have misinterpreted the message of "Black Lives Matter."

We also ask Ice-T to talk about his favorite metal bands and the topics he chooses to discuss in his metal songs. Here's the excerpt:

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With Ice-T being able to predict where music was going 20 years ago, we asked Ice-T to offer any words on the future of music, and his answer was excellent. Here's an excerpt:

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If you missed his anecdote about Bill Paxton crowd-surfing:

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Here is Ice-T talking about Dave Mustaine, Kanye West and Donald Trump:

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Posted by Metal Injection on April 11, 2017 at 3:09 pm

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