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ICE-T Talks Bill Paxton Stage Diving At A BODY COUNT Show

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ICE-T Talks Bill Paxton Stage Diving At A BODY COUNT Show

Metal Injection recently got the chance to sit down with the legendary ICE-T to talk about the new Body Count record, Bloodlust. We'll be posting the entire interview shortly, but we wanted to first share this teaser, where Ice-T pays tribute to his late friend Bill Paxton. The two co-starred in the 1992 movie Trespass, which featured an all-star cast.

When Ice-T was asked about any memories of Paxton, Ice retorted almost instantly "Listen, Bill Paxton to a Body Count show in Santa Barbra, Barbara and stage dived.

Ice continued "I'm at the show, and I'm ready to go and they're like 'There's some big white boy out in the back, says he knows you Ice.' And I'm like 'Who? Who is he?' He's like 'Bill.' I'm like 'I don't know nobody named Bill.'"

"And then my other boy says 'he looked like the motherfucker from Weird Science." Ice says as he begins to laugh.

"So I'm like 'That's Bill Paxton! Let him in, he's a movie star, you kidding me?!.' So he came in, and he stood on the side of the stage during our set, and then the Holy Ghost got in him. Next thing I know, I see Bill going over the top, going over the pit, and you know he landed safe." Ice concluded with a smile.

Body Count's awesome new album, Bloodlust is out March 31st. The pre-order on Amazon is $7.99 for the CD version.

Metal Injection's full interview with Body Count will be posted in the next few days.

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