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Here's Your First Taste Of BILL WARD's New Band DAY OF ERRORS

Live Footage

Here's Your First Taste Of BILL WARD's New Band DAY OF ERRORS

Sounds like classic doom metal with maybe a little grunge in there.

Ousted Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is far from being done with metal. Ward and his new band Day of Errors, the trio also featuring vocalist and bassist Nick Diltz (presumably of All Hail The Yeti) and guitarist Joe Amodea, took the stage on June 28 at the Ultimate Jam Night hosted by Whiskey A Go Go to premiere its music to the masses. This is the first time we're ever heard the group, and it reminds me of bands like Crypt Sermon And Candlemass with a much more rock-ish edge to it.

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No word on a record yet, but I'd imagine we'll be informed about that at sometime in 2016.

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