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HellwayPatrol_foto_Ghima Laresco
Photo by Ghima Laresco

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HELLWAY PATROL Rocks Hard On New Single "Ride And Ride Again"

Beer, grease, and motorcycles.

Hellway Patrol will release their new record All Myth Shall Fall on August 5, and is now streaming their new single "Ride And Ride Again" alongside a cinematic music video produced by Igor Mori (Mori Producer).

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"'Ride and Ride Again' is will, passion, obsession," said vocalist and bassist Ricardo Pigatto. "It's a song that all Custom Culture lovers will relate to. Runs, hands-on, with the help of friends. Weekends are spent inside workshops, bottles and bottles of beer, grease and parts scattered on the floor. It's being able to celebrate, at the end, that machine that is like no other. 'Ride and Ride Again' is about this: 'if you want to have a good time, come on, join us for a ride…'"

All Myth Shall Fall was produced by Hellway Patrol and Michel Kuaker, and mixed and mastered by Michelle Kuaker. Check out Hellway Patrol on Spotify.

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