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HEAVEN SHALL BURN Releases Two New Songs, "Protector" And "Weakness Leaving My Heart"

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Heaven Shall Burn will release their double album Of Truth And Sacrifice on March 20, which is broken up into two discs named Of Truth and Of Sacrifice. Heaven Shall Burn is now streaming one song from each – "Protector" from Of Truth and "Weakness Leaving My Heart" from Of Sacrifice – alongside a double music video directed by Philipp Hirsch.

Here's what Maik Weichert had to say about the tracks.

“In order to reflect the concept of the double album we decided to produce a ‘double video’ which turned into a real mammoth project. ‘Protector’ is taken from album one (of Truth) while ‘Weakness Leaving My Heart’ is part of album two (of Sacrifice). While ‘Protector’ represents confidence and a readiness for action ‘Weakness Leaving My Heart’ is contemplative and deals with the sacrifices and losses that truth may cost. Something you should also feel from the different vibes of the songs. The double album is giving you the essence of what HSB is about and there is lots to explore.”

Of Truth And Sacrifice is about 100 minutes long and features a full-on string section at points.

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