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HAMMERHEDD Out-Plays And Out-Riffs Us All On New Song "Foundation"

Sounds like a more technical version of early Meshuggah.

Hammerhedd is younger than all of us and can absolutely several play circles us. Look no further than the band's new single "Foundation", which covers everything from Meshuggah-style technicality to Gojira precision, and of course a handful of slower riffs that'll cave your damn head in.

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“Our new single ‘Foundation’ is hard hitting, fast, and jam-packed with riffs. It’s the most in your face, straightforward bludgeoning track in our catalog, and the music video portrays that perfectly. The song is a perfect agent for our new album, ‘Grand Currents’ which is now out and available on vinyl!"

Hammerhedd's new album Grand Currents is out now.

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