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GARGOYL (REVOCATION / AYAHUASCA) Releases Mind Bending Music Video For "Plastic Nothing"

Gargoyl ,the new band featuring Revocation vocalist and guitarist Dave Davidson and Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca are gearing up to release their first amazing full-length on October 9th, and their here to whet your appetite with an amazing new video for "Plastic Nothing".

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Guitarist/vocalist Luke Roberts comments:

“Why am I so afraid that my body, my possessions, and even my mind are in a state of constant dissolution? Why am I so afraid of the idea that every atom in my body came from dirt and will soon return?

Maybe the tighter I hang on to being a person, being permanent, secure, the more I suffer.

Maybe the tighter I hang onto the idea of a perfect world the faster it burns.

Fear is like a bully that offers you protection in exchange for obedience.

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Perhaps if I hang on less tightly, the sum of my short fleeting life could mean something more than just living in a constant state of fear right up until my inevitable death bed."

Pre-order Gargoyl's self-titled new album on October 9th via Season Of Mist records.

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