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FUCK THE FACTS Drift video

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FUCK THE FACTS Drift video

From the album Die Miserable. Visit the band's BandCamp page to stream, download, or purchase physical copies of the album. Video directed by David Hall of Handshake Inc. Here's some comments from Hall about the video:

When I first read the lyrics to ‘Drift’ I was blown away by the sentiment: “we used to be friends, but now we are not, did I do something to offend you or was there some unknown, unseen force that drove us away from each other”. Friends. People. They fuck you over, stick you in the back and spit in your face while you are down. People you would trust with your life stick you with a dirty AIDS needle for a fucking nickel. Evil. Death. Inevitable. That’s how I felt after reading the lyrics. Mel is a genius and here lyrics perfectly capture the modern trend of disposable friends.

I knew on reading the lyrics that I wanted two children in the video. Innocence. Driven apart by a dark force – represented here by a mask figure. Dark. Mysterious. Unknown. A threat. A baby in a nest being stalked by birds of prey. That’s life.

Of all the videos I have made I am probably most proud of this one because it got me back to my roots. I filmed, edited, color corrected and did the graphics all myself. Fuck friends.

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