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FUCK THE FACTS Goes Hard On New Song "An Ending"

More chunky, grindy madness.

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Fuck The Facts is here once more to absolutely fuck your day up with their new song "An Ending", which the band cites early Katatonia and Paradise Lost as an influence.

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"This song deviates from the more grindcore and head-bashing tunes on the record to show more of our melodic side," said the band. "Not referenced as often, but the early days of bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Enchantment & Cemetary definitely had a strong influence on my writing as well. There’s a dark and depressing feel to the song that really embodies the theme of the whole album."

Fuck The Facts will release their new record Pleine Noirceur on November 20, which you can pre-order here.

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