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FINNTROLL Enters The Woods In New Song "Mask"

It's a rager for sure.

Finntroll will release their seventh new album, and first in seven years, Vredesvävd on September 18. Finntroll is now streaming their heavy, driving new track "Mask" alongside a pretty blurry music video.

"The worms of timeless cold have awaken," said the band. "Mouths as dry as the forest bathed in false light for too long, hungering for blood. Shedding the moss off their pale skin they begin to gather outside their cave, ignoring the sun burning their scaly eyes. They stretch their limbs one last time, knowing that tonight they will feast either in the halls of Rivfader- or on the corpses of the human usurpers. Let the litanies of evil, hatred and murder begin!"

Pre-order Vredesvävd here.

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Music Videos

From their first new album in seven years, Vredesvävd.

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"Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa."