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Have a Blast With FINNTROLL's New Song "Ormfolk"

"Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa."


Finntroll will release their first new album in seven years Vredesvävd, or "Wrath-woven" if your Finnish isn't up to snuff, on September 18. Finntroll is streaming their new single "Ormfolk," which they said heralds something much larger. It's also really fun and will make you remember why waiting seven years for a new Finntroll album sucked.

"After seven years of hiding, 'Ormfolk' slithers its way to bring the human race a prelude of the forthcoming chaos which even global pandemics are unable to prevent. Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa will ensure that your ears will be hissing for a long time!"

Pre-order Vredesvävd here.

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From their first new album in seven years, Vredesvävd.