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EVIL INVADERS Thrash Your Face Off During The "Witching Hour" with VENOM Cover

Belgium thrash band Evil Invaders want to leave their mark on the scene and do so today with their riveting cover of the Venom classic "Witching Hour." Here's what Joe from the band had to say about the song:

Venom is a metal icon and "Witching Hour" is a true metal classic, to which we gave our own touch. This is Evil Invaders meets Venom and the extra special element is that our lead guitarist Max is doing vocals on this one, giving the song a new dimension for the fans. The adrenaline we feel on stage when playing this cover track is beyond insane. Despite the blades, the smoke and all the sparks, we think everyone made it out alive.

The track comes from Evil Invaders' album, Surge of Insanity: Live in Antwerp 2018, order here.

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