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ENSLAVED Streams "Bounded By Allegiance" From Recent Livestream

Taken from The Otherworldly Big Band Experience.

Enslaved teamed up with psychedelic Norwegian progressive band Shaman Elephant for their The Otherworldly Big Band Experience livestream in late 2021. You can check out their performance of the 2004 song "Bounded By Allegiance" above, which sounds absolutely gargantuan given the size of the band.

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"So here’s a little memory from last year’s musical endeavor," said Enslaved's Grutle Kjellson. "Our 'Big Band' collaboration with Shaman Elephant was such a trip! It felt like, and indeed it was, an avalanche of locked up energy just bursting out. The streamed concert plus a small tour in Norway was pretty much the only shows we did in 2021, so the energy level was pretty much turned to 11, on all of us. All nine of us!

'Bounded By Allegiance' was one of the first songs we thought would fit being dressed for a nine man outfit, with its natural percussive nature. We hope we were right, enjoy!”

"Bounded By Allegiance" is available here.

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