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End Boss
Photo by David James

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END BOSS Conjures Filthy, Bluesy Riffs On New Song "Punished"

The furthest thing from being punished.

Kiwi four-piece End Boss is here to bring you massive sludgy riffs with emotional, soaring bluesy vocals overtop on their new song "Punished." It's doom in a neat little three-minute package loaded with earworms, and your day is easily that much better because of it.

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"The lyrics heavily deal with the struggles of the mind," said vocalist E.J. Thorpe. "I'm really interested in the psychological theory of the 'shadow' and how it influences us as individuals and a collective. The human brain is pretty messed up and the things we do to each other, and the planet reflects that. I guess you could say the 'shadow' is the End Boss and if we want to get off this trajectory of destruction, we have to heal ourselves."

End Boss will release their album They Seek My Head on April 8. Pre-orders are available here.

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