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EMPLOYED TO SERVE's New Song "Force Fed" Is Pissed Off, Stuffed With Riffs

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If you heard Employed To Serve's 2017 record The Warmth Of A Dying Sun, then you know Employed To Serve is very capable of angry music. Their new song "Force Fed" takes that up a notch. Here's what vocalist Justin Jones had t say about the record and song.

"Eternal Forward Motion came after five years of perfecting the kind of band we want to be," said singer Justin Jones. "This is the album that defines who we are as a band and we couldn't be more proud of it."

"When contemplating what the future holds for one's self, it can be quite daunting thinking about whether you will ever be truly content with your life and the person that you are," Jones furthered. "In the fast-paced society we live in, it can cause many people to burn out and chase unobtainable expectations of themselves. We are also now faced with the social media boom leading many people to be plagued by self-comparison and fear of missing out. All these distractions can cause someone to dwell on what they don't have and take for granted some aspects of life that we should be thankful for each day."

Employed To Serve will release their new record Eternal Forward Motion on May 10.

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