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ELECTRIC HYDRA Unleashes the Riffs on New Song "It Comes Alive"

It'll melt your speakers.

Electric Hydra will release their new self-titled album on November 27 via Majestic Mountain Records and Tee Pee Records. If you're aware of either of those record labels, then you already know what to expect – riffs that will melt your speakers. Which is exactly why we're premiering Electric Hydra's new song "It Comes Alive" today, to melt your damn speakers and maybe blow a hole in the wall.

"The song ‘It Comes Alive’ was one of the first songs that was written for the album," said bassist Ellinor Andersson. "Dennis and Jonathan were down in Shimmer studios with the mission to just write songs and after a lot of coffee and some serious talk regarding guitar gear, Dennis started to play the main riff so we continued to mess around and sent a quick demo to Sanne who drafted some lyrics. The song is essentially about what happens when your brain takes you deep into the darkest recesses of your imagination."

"We’d been checking out locations and came across this company that works with stone and gravel, which appropriately enough lies in the woods close to my home," added vocalist Sanne Karlsson. "It has this enormous pit which goes as far as the eye can see so it was perfect for doing a music video. We hired a guy called Max Ljungberg who’s a locally based filmmaker. He’s done a ton of videos for a lot of great bands like Horisont and The Dahmers. With his skills behind the lens combined with heavy smoke and fire, the final result turned out great. We also managed to not get burned too, which was a huge bonus. Although afterwards it took some time to get rid of the sand that was literally everywhere! We still have sand in our road cases four months after the shoot."

Pre-order Electric Hydra here in the US and here in Europe.

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