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Dude Covers SLIPKNOT's "Psychosocial" On Guns

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Dude Covers SLIPKNOT's "Psychosocial" On Guns

He's back, y'all.

YouTuber Gun Drummer recently made headlines by covering Lamb Of God's "Laid to Rest" on both drums and guns. Hence the name, Gun Drummer. Now he's back with a new cover of Slipknot's "Psychosocial", which as you may have guessed was also covered on guns.

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Featuring Slipknot, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Gwar, Vended, Baroness, and more!


The Joey Jordison era of Slipknot has gotten a facelift.

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I wonder if he always feels like someone is watching him.