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Dude Covers METALLICA's "Jump In The Fire" In The Style Of MESHUGGAH

We need an entire album of this, right now.

1349 live bassist and ex-Trollfest guitarist Morten Müller has done quite the cover of Metallica's "Jump In The Fire". Müller's cover reimagines the 1983 classic as thought it were a Meshuggah track, which works extremely well. Though that's mostly due to Müller's talent in heavily reimagining the source material.

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Müller is currently covering all of Metallica's Kill 'Em All record in this style, and you can keep up with that here on his Bog Studios channel. While you're there, also check out his Meshuggah-styled covers of other Metallica tracks, as well as well-known tunes by Pantera, Motörhead, and Alice In Chains.

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