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DEADGUY Streams "Pins And Needles" From New Live Album

Recorded at the recent Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest.

The recently-reunited Deadguy is now streaming "Pins And Needles" from their coming new live album Buyer's Remorse: Live From the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest. The album is the debut output of the new Decibel Magazine-owned record label Decibel Records, and is available for pre-order here. The above video was directed by Matt Keppler and shot by Keppler, Bill Saunders, Nathaniel C. Shannon, and A.J. Kinney.

Buyer's Remorse: Live From the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest runs as follows.

  1. "John Dear"
  2. "Doom Patrol"
  3. "Die With Your Mask On"
  4. "Baby Arm"
  5. "Puny Human"
  6. "Nine Stitches"
  7. "Druid"
  8. "Riot Stairs"
  9. "Apparatus"
  10. "Running With Scissors"
  11. "Police Story" (Black Flag cover)
  12. "The Extremist"

Guitarist Keith Huckins noted in a recent interview that for Deadguy to keep their live show interesting, they're pretty much going to have to write some new stuff.

"We're gonna try it… Just because, Deadguy mark I put out two 7 inches and an album, and that's it. And we don't particularly care for everything, so we've really got 40 minutes worth of music, that's it. So… we don't wanna get bored just playing the same old set over and over again. We're gonna try it and we're gonna try to be respectful to what it was…"

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