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Deadguy Live

Deadguy played their first show in 25 years at the 2021 Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, though the reunion is clearly going beyond just live activities. Deadguy drummer Dave Rosenberg revealed in an interview with Lambgoat that the band is currently working on their first new material since 1996, which will come in the form of a split with Pig Destroyer. Also, hey – new Pig Destroyer is coming soon!

"We've been writing new stuff, we're playing a couple shows in October, we've been talking to a bunch of festivals and stuff. We're going to do a split that we're also working on which is going to be with Pig Destroyer, which is fun. This is the thing, it's hard to get it together just because life gets in the way, but the fact that we can do that—Pig Destroyer; absurd band, absurd name, everything about it is great in my opinion—and the fact that we get to go do this stuff now because we're sort of a functioning unit to me is awesome."

Rosenberg said the split is coming "Sooner or later. Sooner or later it's coming," and added "We also remixed the half of [Deadguy's 1995 album Fixation On A Co-Worker] that we had digitally, which is pretty fun too." In the meantime, you can check out Deadguy's entire 2021 reunion show in the form of their recent live album Buyer's Remorse. Stream "Makeshift Atomsmasher" and "Pins And Needles" below.

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