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CONFESS Drops Live In Quarantine Video For "EVIN"

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CONFESS Drops Live In Quarantine Video For "EVIN"

Big ol' grooves on this one.

Since you can't go to a show, Confess is bringing the show to you with their live-in-quarantine performance of their song "EVIN."

Please use headphones! ? After break out of COVID-19 worldwidely everyone has been effected. Artists haven't been excluded! So many bands at different points of their careers are at the situation that their functionality and earnings are threatened. Confess is just one of them! We also lost some shows to do that were very important for us, especially after waiting for a very long time to be able to bring our music up on stage and share it with you guys more closely. But hey, productivity and creativity won't stop a second, is it?. REMEMBER, NO SURROUNDER! .

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So we decided that since we can't do as we planned, we record a live performance from EVIN and put it out officially. Hope everyone likes it,so we would do this type of live performances more, bigger and even different than this one!

At the end, please stay safe out there, anywhere you are. You are the biggest reason for us keep doing this and we're damn sure it's the same for any other artists existing! We will go through this all together! We're strong as one fist!

And please do not forget to support us like your other favourite bands/artists by purchasing merch and also buying and streaming music and videos. Music world is dependent on it's fans more than ever before!

Love you all, you guys are the true rock starts!! ?

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