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CHRIS HOLMES' "Born Work Die" is The Second Best Chris Holmes Video This Year!

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CHRIS HOLMES' "Born Work Die" is The Second Best Chris Holmes Video This Year!

Back in February, former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes released a potential video of the year with "Let It Roar", there was just so much to love about it, that we had to do a whole breakdown.

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So we waited with baited breath for the followup, which was released today. "Born Work Die" refuses to succumb to the man (or commas) and features such brilliant lyrics as Someone tell me why, Born work die. Additionly, at about 3:43, we get to see Holmes put away the motorcycle for a real bike:

Chris Holmes bicycle

You know, at one point, I was laughing at Holmes. But the dude could give a fuck, and he's doing whatever he damn pleases and looking to be having a good time. And isn't that really what we all want?

You might remember Chris Holmes as the former guitarist of W.A.S.P., or perhaps from his infamous scene in the documentary Decline of Western Civilization Part II. Perhaps you remember his hilarious listing of a barely functioning '87 Firebird for $1500 or that time he said that black culture ruined heavy metal.


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