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Pantera Benante

Live Footage

CHARLIE BENANTE Shares Drum Cam Footage From PANTERA's First US Show

Dude shreds.

Pantera played their first US show in 22 years on May 6 at the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally in Panama City, FL and drummer Charlie Benante has a compilation of footage and drum cam footage for you all! Sadly, Benante also had to turn the comments off on his video because I'm sure there were loads of very polite opinions about what is and is not Pantera.

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Check out fan-filmed footage of the show here, which ran as follows:

  1. "Mouth for War"
  2. "A New Level"
  3. "Strength Beyond Strength"
  4. "Becoming" (w/ "Throes of Rejection" outro)
  5. "I'm Broken" (w/ "By Demons Be Driven" outro)
  6. "This Love"
  7. "Yesterday Don't Mean Shit"
  8. "Suicide Note Pt. II"
  9. "Walk"
  10. "Domination / Hollow"
  11. "Cowboys From Hell"

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