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GNR 1987

Live Footage

Celebrate GUNS N' ROSES' Appetite For Destruction Turning 35 With This 1987 New York City Show

The band sounded SO good (and the audio quality is great).

Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction turns 35 years old today, and what better way to celebrate than a show from that same period? Check out Guns N' Roses absolutely ripping through an 11-song set at The Ritz in New York City on October 23, 1987. The band sounds killer, Axl Rose is effortlessly hitting all the high notes, and thankfully the audio quality is great!

00:12 "Welcome To The Jungle"
02:00 "My Michelle"
06:44 "Don't Cry"
11:59 "Rocket Queen"
18:48 "Nightrain"
23:42 "Sweet Child O' Mine"
31:41 "Knockin On Heaven's Door"
40:22 "You're Crazy"
44:28 "Paradise City"
52:40 "Reckless Life"
56:31 "Mama Kin"

On new Guns N' Roses material, Slash mentioned in a previous interview that there are some new songs coming "soon," but the band has no real concrete plans for a full-length album.

"I know we've got some songs and we're releasing another one at some point soon, and there'll be another one after that. As far as the record is concerned, that remains to be seen as far as a whole package, but I feel pretty confident that at some point down the road, there will be."

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