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BRING ME THE HORIZON Teases New Music In Latest Webisode

But when is it out?

Good news! Bring Me The Horizon was working on new music during their latest US tour. It's not clear when the new material is due out just yet, but hey – at least it's being worked on. You can check out some teaser of the new stuff above in Bring Me The Horizon's latest webisode, which includes a peek at new lyrics and a reference to My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way.

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Bring Me The Horizon has been working on a series of EPs to follow up their 2020 release Post Human: Survival Horror, though none have yet surfaced (likely due to the pandemic). All we know is that according to keyboardist Jordan Fish in a 2021 interview, the new stuff will be more influenced by "emo and screamo" instead of the "metal and nü-metal sounds" found on Survival Horror.

"These records are about the music that we grew up listening to in the order that we discovered it," said Fish. "We all started listening to Linkin Park, Deftones and Slipknot. Then we moved into that more emo/post-hardcore sound of bands like Glassjaw. It's still a rock record at its core: there's still heavier stuff and big songs on there. [Latest single] 'DiE4U' is a good glimpse of the direction it's going in."

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