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BRAVE THE SEA's Celtic Cover Of ANDREW W.K.'s "Party Hard" Is A Blast

Party hard (and drink a ton).

Brave The Sea is here to party hard with a cover of Andrew W.K.'s classic party track, "Party Hard." Did I mention this song is going to make you want to party? Between the subject matter and the very Celtic nature in which Brave The Sea tackles it, you can't not party.

"When the pandemic hit and the number of live events we could play diminished, we had to think of creative ways to engage with our fans. This obviously was, and still is a puzzle that bands are trying to solve. For us it was also an opportunity to dedicate time to doing covers of songs that have influenced us or we felt could have interesting Celtic rock arrangements. Being that we all have strong metal roots, our first cover of the series was Dio's 'Rainbow In The Dark.'

"On top of that, our mandolin player, Mattie, does a weekly Mandolin Monday series on Instagram that reimagines metal riffs on mandolin. Choosing 'Party Hard' was a combination of our influences and wanting to capture our energetic live performances. The song is a perfect piece of music for us to have fun with and share what makes us so electric live but also give a new spin on a song that all of us enjoy."

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