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Blackened Hardcore RESPIRE Leaves Scars With New Single "Cicatrice"

Toronto-based Respire is one of the most interesting and forceful new bands of the post-hardcore scene, pushing the genre beyond its traditional roots by weaving orchestral undertones with black metal blast beats and serrated guitars and vocals, all tied together with a message of community.

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Their new single, "Cicatrice" will rip open every old wound society has and debride the dead tissue underneath, completely uncompromising in their particular strain of blackened hardcore.

The band states: "Cicatrice is the sound of societal upheaval; a celebration of destruction and its subsequent annihilation of the darkest elements of our society. It's the ripping open of the scars we've inflicted on ourselves and our world. It is our swan song."

"Cicatrice" comes from their new album Black Line, out on December 4th. You can pre-order it HERE.

Blackened Hardcore RESPIRE Leaves Scars With New Single "Cicatrice"

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It's hardcore, but it has saxophones and violins. Do you get the joke.