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BAD RESCUE Creates Industrial Atmospheres With "Battering Rain"

It has the riffs.

Bad Rescue is the new project featuring brothers David and Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I, One-Way Mirror). The project is now streaming their industrial new single "Battering Rain," whose runtime incorporates everything from clean atmospheres to really bringing down the riffs.

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"'Battering Rain' is the first song we wrote after we finished building our new Recording Studio," said the duo. "The target was to build something new musically for us. Experimentation and sound mixtures are the basis of the title. After finding the combination of the intro elements, the guitar riff and the chorus melody came as quickly as a boxer's strike in your face. 'Battering Rain' is the absolute reference when it comes to the artistic direction of Bad Rescue"

"Battering Rain" will be available on all streaming services on October 8.

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