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ATHEIST Streams Full-Band Playthrough of "Mother Man"

Of course they crushed it.

Atheist has begun streaming a handful of full-band playthrough videos, the first of which is "Mother Man" from the Unquestionable Presence album. Atheist has also been working on new material in quarantine, which we heard a little of back in June.

"Hope everyone is getting through this very oddball year," said vocalist and guitarist Kelly Shaefer. "Just before all of this madness happened, we were fortunate enough to do an amazing U.S. tour supporting Cattle Decapitation.

"As some of you know, my fellow founding member Steve Flynn and I have worked with several different musicians since 2006 when we returned from a 17-year hiatus.

"Steve loves writing, and making records but many times cannot tour, and that has prevented us from being out there on your doorsteps as much as we might have liked to. So two years ago, we decided we would adopt a touring drummer with the Flynn seal of approval. In addition, we put together what I believe to be the strongest Atheist lineup since the original. Young fiery, badasses, who play this material in a frighteningly accurate way. Most can attest to this when they saw this lineup on the aforementioned tour in December 2019.

"Daniel, Chris, Yoav and Anthony have put together some playthroughs of two classic tracks from our second album. I am so proud of how it came out, we thought what a great way to introduce you to the new bandmembers.

"I am so excited to make music and tour with this humble, ├╝ber-talented group of guys. I cannot say enough about them as people and musicians!

"So roll one up or pour yourself a self a shot and have a listen, and know that when we finally get back out on the road to see you all, these are the guys that will be behind me crushing your minds. I can't wait till we can play for you live, but in the meantime, I present Atheist 2020."

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