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Photo by Shimon Karmel

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ARCHSPIRE Flies Through New Single "Drone Corpse Aviator"

Dr. Archspire is here to perform bad surgery.

Archspire is responsibly admitting malpractice while still managing to explode skulls with their new song and video "Drone Corpse Aviator". I'd say buckle up, but I'm not sure that'll save you at these speeds.

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"CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE! We hope you have good insurance! The video for Archspire's newest single 'Drone Corpse Aviator' is basically one big malpractice suite, and these death metal guinea pigs are treated with ZERO bedside manner!" said Dr. Archspire.

"The doctor is in, and he doesn't have any anesthetics (or ear protection,) so watch with caution! Post operative mortality is 100%, and all liability waivers have been signed – this is our most face melting track ever! CLEAN UP IN OPERATING ROOM 7!"

Check out the Rob Zawistowski and Mitch Ray-directed video above, and pre-order Bleed The Future here before its October 29 release date.

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