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Apparently Finland Has A Kid-Friendly Cartoonish Dinosaur Metal Band

Fucking Finland, having a way cooler Barney than us.

How the hell has Hevisaurus been around since 2009, and with seven albums under its belt, without any of us hearing about it? The band is from Finland, sings exclusively in Finnish and is aimed at kids… which essentially makes it all a way cooler and much heavier version of Barney that unfortunately none of us were raised on.

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Check out the band's newest video and song titled "Juranoid" above and if you've got kids, get 'em in here! At the very least they'll get a kick out of the dinosaurs. Noisey explains the band's back story a little, which sounds like a cutesy Gwar tale.

The story goes that Herra Hevisaurus, Milli Pilli, Komppi Momppi, Riffi Raffi and Muffi Puffi hatched from 65 million-year-old metal eggs in 2009, which were unearthed on a mountain by lightning bolts and a witch’s spell. They are bloodthirsty warrior beasts yes, but ones that drink milk, eat cookies, and stay in school! And since formation they have become a Finnish institution, selling over 170,000 albums in their home country, and spawning tribute versions in countries around the world (in Argentina they are called Heavisaurios).

Oh Finland. What can't you do?

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