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ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT & CROBOT Members Cover RUSH's "Red Barchetta"

These guys just need to form a band already.

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick, Suicidal Tendencies bassist Roberto "Ra" Diaz, and Crobot vocalist Brandon Yeagley are back with yet another killer Rush cover. The quartet originally did "Freewill" and now they're here to absolutely crush "Red Barchetta" too!

Once again, we’ve been completely knocked out by the responses to our video tribute to the one & only Rush, thank you ? This time, we’ve decided to follow up our most recent track (and our first vocal song, “Freewill”) with another one of our favorites, “Red Barchetta.”

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A full description is below. Sadly, our completion of this video coincides with breaking news of the loss of one of rock’n’roll’s greatest pioneers, Little Richard. On the one hand, it’s difficult to find a more sonically different pair of acts than Rush and Little Richard. On the other, it’s safe to say (and we’re sure the boys from Toronto would agree) that Little Richard blazed a trail for all of us with a force that perfectly fits the subject of “Red Barchetta” – a high powered sports car from the same time period in which Little Richard was first emerging as an artist. This song is dedicated to him and we hope it brightens up your day.

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Drums/Keys @charbenante

Guitar @alexskolnick

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Bass @ra_diaz

Vox @brandoncrobot

Audio mixed by @andylagis

Video edited by @pieromedone

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