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ANTHEA Deliver Theatrical Symphonic Power Metal Hit "Illusion"

If you're into experimental symphonic and progressive metal, Los Angeles based symphonic power metal band Anthea delivers. Anthea combines traditional cinematic sounds with a sprinkling of black metal vocals in this immersive title-track from their upcoming album due out on October 23rd.

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Anthea comments: “The title song of the album, Illusion, is one of our faster tracks featuring some epic dueling guitar and keyboard action. This song really gives the musicianship skills of every individual member in Anthea a chance to shine. We have also noticed that, when played live, Illusion always receives a phenomenal response from the crowd!”

With a combination of clean operatic vocals and black metal like screams, Anthea's music can appeal to a wide variety of metal fans, but particularly fans of bands such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot and Wintersun.

You can pre-order illusion via Rockshot Records HERE.

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